WWE Fantasy Draft Picks

WWE Draft 2If you checked out The Faction this week or are following the world of Pro Wrestling, you’ll know that July 19 marks the WWE Brand Extension Draft. As part of this draft, both flagship shows, Raw and Smackdown, will have their own unique rosters. In addition, this date marks the relaunch of Smackdown as Smackdown LIVE as the show moves to Tuesdays at 8p ET on the USA Network airing live weekly.

In anticipation of the Draft, the hosts of The Faction have each participated in their own Fantasy Draft. Here are their picks.

Brandon ClackBrandon Clack
John Cena is a main staple and should be considered a significant building block for the future. Even though he can’t do what he used to, his popularity is strong enough to help a revamped show succeed.

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Gerard Bonner
As the General Manager, I absolutely would make AJ Styles and Seth Rollins as the cornerstones of the Raw brand. They are both fresh and incredible workers. They have a great future for the brand. As for Smackdown Live, we utilize the legends like John Cena and Brock Lesnar as top draws along with former Shield brothers Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.

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Courtney BeardCourtney Beard
I believe Shane McMahon has the opportunity to do something just as historic as his father did in 1982. In order to maximize the immediate potential of Smackdown, he needs proven workers. I’ve drafted many of the veteran performers to Smackdown. Shane has influence and buy-in with these guys. They’re close in age and will give 5 years to making Smackdown Live the new flagship. I drafted ratings juggernauts to Live so that the audience would be easily attentive while captivated. As for Raw, I drafted people that could play The Game. After all, Stephanie may be the face but we all know who’s up NXT.

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Who would you put on the Raw and Smackdown LIVE rosters? Make your picks right now at http://fantasy-draft.wwe.com/#/.

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