Traci Lynne

Show: Melodic Grooves

Traci Lynne, host of Melodic Grooves, has always been surrounded by music. She grew to love many genres of this art form from classical to country at a very young age as a result of being exposed to them by a multi-talented family of vocalists and musicians. At the age of nine, she began playing the flute and experienced playing in a jazz band for the first time at age of eleven. Although she excelled on the flute, her primary instrument, she had a desire for more and learned how to play several other instruments. Her love for sharing her gift through teaching began while still in high school when she began teaching the basics of flute to elementary students. With over 30 years of experience as a flautist, she still enjoys sharing this gift whenever an opportunity is presented.

As a radio personality on Bonnerfide Radio, she acknowledges that this is another opportunity to be creative and share music in a completely different manner. Traci Lynne’s goal has been to make each episode of Melodic Grooves a palatable blend of music from the various sub-genres of jazz. “Some of our listeners are not familiar with jazz, so I am very selective about what I play. Bonnerfide Radio is known for playing good music and that’s a standard I intend to keep for Melodic Grooves.”