This Is It!!

Hey Family!! Okay, so two blogs in a matter of days?! Sounds like we’re getting back on the wagon and I hope you guys like it. So, I must warn you. This blog is going to require a bit of transparency, so bear with me. I do pray that it will help and bless someone.

So this is the amazing holiday week that we call Thanksgiving here in the United States. You can make the argument that this time is the launch of “the most wonderful time of the year”. However, for many, it’s the most painful time of the year. Many are struggling with the absence of loved ones due to death or separation while others have limited resources as a result of the economy. Either way, this can be a tough time. If I can be transparent for a minute (as an adaptation of a Lance Storm promo….#wrestlingreference), this has been a very challenging week for me. I wasn’t able to make it home for Thanksgiving and I missed my family terribly.

Not just that, but building a brand can be frustrating. Budding entrepreneurs, please understand that the first year or so of your business is more about perseverance than it it profit. So, I had a genuine moment of frustration this week. Have you ever worked hard and poured yourself into what you’re doing with everything you have and you still don’t see the results you’re looking for? Well, that was my challenge this week. Suddenly, on my way home, it hit me. There has to be a moment in time where you draw a line in the sand and simply say “This Is It!!”.

Remember this, you are NOT a prisoner of your circumstance. You are filled with power and created in the image of the Creator of the Universe!! When God created you, He created you to be JUST LIKE HIM!! That’s right. YOU are filled with power and authority. You have words, influence, and faith that can be used to put you into a situation or take you out of a situation. So at some point, you need to look at your situation and make the declaration that “This Is It!!”

You are NOT stuck. You have the power in your mouth to change the world. Remember that God spoke the world into existence and the moon, stars, and sun are STILL operating. So, what would happen if you began to speak life into your situation? What if you decided to stop reinforcing your situation with your words and in turn, CHANGE your situation with your words? See, something powerful happens in the human will when you decide that This Is It!! It’s been proven that people who have decided to break habits and make life changes did it when they decided they had enough. Change can really be defined as the moment where faith and actions collide. When your faith and actions align and coincide, change will come.

So don’t wait until 2011 to make random New Year’s resolutions. Get your list of things that you want to see change and make those declarations TODAY!! Don’t just decide it internally. Open your mouth and make the external declaration somewhere that This Is It!! You don’t have to live life beneath your God-given privilege. You don’t have to live life as the victim, abused, and misused. You weren’t meant to live a life riddled with insecurities and lack. You are the head and not the tail. YOU are above only and not beneath. YOU are a winner!!

Look at those situations of lack, poverty, and defeat. Square your shoulders. Face your fears and boldly declare “This Is It!!”.

Let’s move forward family.

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