The Real MVP

aj-styles-wwe-champion-2Though we are nearly 4 months into the new year, I’ll be the first to admit that my 2017 starts on April 2nd of this year. For those hardcore wrestling enthusiasts, we often view our calendar year from Mania to Mania. We even consider those fireworks at the end of each year’s Wrestlemania to be our inner cue for “Auld Lang Syne”.

In the last wrestling calendar year, no wrestler has made more of an impact than AJ Styles. The man who has wrestled around the world has brought his skills to the Big Dance and swept even most novice fans off of their feet. Though Styles is clearly the most impactful athlete of the year, he may not be the MVP of the calendar year.

Enter Shane McMahon.

Shane McMahon took the wrestling world by storm on Feb 22, 2016. After a long hiatus and fledgling ratings, it took a Shane McMahon return to bring the WWE product back to the consistency of its glory. Sure, Triple H was doing a great job at NXT, but fans were leaving Raw by the droves and Smackdown was seconds from becoming WWE Livewire. In one wrestling calendar year, Shane has given us one of the greatest high-spots in Mania history, turned around ratings, and forced a brand split.

Shane McMahonNow we all remember the last brand split which was much more of a joke than split. This time around, Shane decided he wanted to create something fresh and energizing. From a new look to new camera angles, Shane McMahon has redefined how we approach and watch wrestling. He even found a way to beat the internet community at its own game. While Hunter and his wife Stephanie McMahon pushed father Vince McMahon to create the WWE Network, they couldn’t figure out how to make it matter. In one motion, Shane made Smackdown Live “Must See TV”, must turned the post-show Talking Smack into a “Hot off the Press” talk show.

Finally, the things we as fans have speculated and seen, Shane has now brought to the forefront. He has changed the landscape of WWE. I’d dare say even the landscape of professional wrestling has changed because of the genius of Shane McMahon.

Unlike Triple H, Shane hasn’t been apart of several ventures but he’s managed to turn his focused ventures into blockbusters.  So how do we kick off this year’s New Year event? With “The Most Impactful” vs “The MVP”! Regardless, Shane will start the New Year leading the way for MVP again.

Shane McMahon vs. AJ Styles

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