Ted Turner Trumps Vince McMahon

goldberg-gold-beltIt’s being hailed as the 90 seconds that changed the course of history.

To be fair and slightly more detailed and accurate it happens in exactly 84 seconds. 84…. Eighty Four….8-4….,why does that number sound familiar????? Oh, I remember…..84 is also the exact number of weeks that my beloved WCW Nitro dominated WWE’s Raw is War. It’s the moment in time when Ted Turner had Vince McMahon dazed and seeing stars. Well now we can add another legendary story to 84. Not only did WCW Alumni and gold standard Bill Goldberg defeat WWE’s beast Brock Lesnar in 84 seconds but he also managed to take ownership of 21-1. That’s right!!! Bill Goldberg destroyed the man who silenced a nation when he ended the previous streak of WWE Future Hall of Famer, The Undertaker.

Taker, who’s considered the Sting of WWE, lost in iconic fashion to The Beast Brock Lesnar. Brock has made a name for himself as being the only man to end the streak. He promised and he delivered. Brock would go in the pages of history as The One. Then for years we watched as The Beast would dominate EVERY WWE great that was thrown his way. Do you remember what Brock did to the modern day Hulk Hogan and company poster boy John Cena???? ┬áBrock was inVINCEable…..then he barked up the wrong tree. He should have never gone back down and awakened the beast in Atlanta. It was dead. It was silent. It was gone. It was happening.

goldberg-shoves-brockGoldberg decided to accept the challenge of WWE beast Lesnar and, with only a few weeks to train, Bill placed the weight of WCW on his shoulders and went to work. Bill fought for family and carried the legacy of Ted Turner all in one motion. If America thought the selection of President-Elect Donald Trump was a shocker, then they’d never see what could happen in 84 seconds.

In 84 seconds, not only did WCW birthed Bill Goldberg destroy WWEs Brock Lesnar but he also defeated Undertaker’s streak and John Cena. Goldberg in 84 seconds pinned every performer that had been fed to the Beast. In 84 seconds, Bill Goldberg owned WWE and UFC. He now can drive back to Atlanta, pull up to the Ted Turner family estate and say those epic words… It Is Finished.

You see this is really Ted Turner’s victory. They say that Goldberg is the only wrestler Ted and WCW ever created. Well at Survivor Series, the beloved son of Turner destroyed Vince’s son.

84 seconds…..84 seconds……84 seconds is all it took for Ted Turner to Trump Vince McMahon.


(Check out an opposing view from fellow co-host of The Faction as Gerard Bonner shares the cost of the returning Goldberg. (http://www.bonnerfideradio.com/goldberg-back-cost/))

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