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The Remix–Episode 420 (Oct. 15)

October 15th, 2020
The boys are BACK!! It’s Episode 420 of The Remix and the brothers have a LOT to say!! With barely three weeks until the US Presidential Election, the guys weigh in on early voting, Presidential Debates, and...

The Remix–Episode 352 (Apr. 11)

April 11th, 2019
Today on The Remix, we weigh in on the Magic Johnson resignation and its impact to the LA Lakers. Find out the next celebrity looking to gain a law degree. We also weigh in on how the...

The Remix–Episode 315 (July 5)

July 5th, 2018
Today on The Remix, we recap this year’s BET Awards, the hits and misses. We also reflect on the Blockbuster NBA free agency signing of LeBron James to the Los Angeles Lakers. We pay tribute to the...