Stay Current

Greetings Family! It’s been another fun week, or few weeks since we’ve hopped on to blog. As I often do, thanks for your continued support. I am regularly humbled by the fact that many of you read these and find them helpful. I don’t take that for granted. So I’m gonna try to squeeze a lot here into this blog and keep it succinct. Let’s see where we land.

This was a week of milestones at work. We celebrated 500 episodes of The Morning Show, 20 episodes of both Melodic Grooves and UK FIYAH, and monumental broadcasts of LoveLudes and Women Listen. If that wasn’t enough, Apple released OS5 and the iPhone 4s. Being new to team iPhone, this was my first OS updating experience and it was indeed amazing!! These updates definitely changed the way I both do and look at things on these devices and it made me think a bit. See if you can flow with me.

In life, there is always a section of the populous who desires to be “in the know”. Some are rather open about this trait while others are silent about it. The intriguing part is the people who often attempt to be in the know are often not current with what’s happening in the OS (Operating System) of your life. So instead of being directly connected to you to download information, they base their info on extraneous sources such as social media, word of mouth, or their recollection of their relationship with you. The only challenge with that is this. When you aren’t directly connected, you run the risk of operating from an old OS (Operating System). You miss all of the updates so your assumption of knowledge is false because it’s based on antiquated information.

Simply put, there will always be people who want to make judgment calls on you based on yesterday. Those judgments often come from their viewpoint of the world and have nothing to do with your heart and who you are today. Don’t allow their skewed view based on yesterday impact who you are today and who you are destined to become tomorrow. Keep your heart and motives pure. Remember we are ALL a work in progress. That includes the ones who haven’t downloaded your updates yet. Afford them the grace that they haven’t afforded you. Maintain the high road. After all, you have the updated OS.

Love you guys!

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