REVIEW: YPJ & Flesh Versus Christ–Praise, Worship, & Hip Hop

YPJ & Flesh Versus Christ
Praise, Worship, & Hip Hop
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YPJ & FVC-Praise Worship & Hip Hop

Before the current climate of discovering new artists and sounds via platforms as YouTube, Soundcloud, and SocialCam, YPJ & Flesh Versus Christ began making waves in 2006 by way of MySpace. Led by their signature track “Jesus (the Oh My God)”, this group provided a unique amalgamation of hip-hop, R&B, jazz, choir, and more into a sound simply described as Dream Music. Fast forward to 2014 and the group releases their fifth project, appositely titled Praise, Worship, & Hip Hop.

The leader of the group, YPJ (aka Pastor Jonathan Miller) is the epitome of a musical hybrid. He’s a skilled musician, writer, and producer who has worked with gospel luminaries Israel Houghton & Fred Hammond. He’s also an avid lover of hip-hop and jazz, with influences ranging from J. Dilla to Robert Glasper. All of those influences are expertly packaged into this incredibly musical twelve-track offering.

Pastor YPJNaturally whimsical and creative, YPJ brings all aspects of his personality into this work. So you’ll find moments of authentic worship and reverence found in tracks like “InGodWeTrust” which features the incredible vocals of Izzy. You’ll also find elements of humor and comedic wit throughout songs like “Better Day Right Now”.

A gifted orator, YPJ parlays this gift into his flow, as he skillfully flows throughout the entire project. While most could never conceive of a rapper backed by a group of skilled vocalists that could double as a choir, YPJ & Flesh Versus Christ do this both effortlessly and authentically.

“Oh Magnify” is an homage and classic interpretation of the hymn “Oh Magnify The Lord”. This gospel classic through the lens of Dream Music is undoubtedly a music lover’s dream. Those who love the Sunday Morning Bump will absolutely love “Believe (SBI Song)” which will give you morning to dance to, regardless of your geographical persuasion. (You’ll get this when you hear it.) Perhaps no song is more autobiographical for YPJ than the track “Pastor”, where he expertly explains his unorthodox yet effect approach to his role as Pastor.

His sisters step to the forefront as Karrah Miller lends her vocals to the up tempo jam “Grace Count”, while mixtape favorite and musical director Micki Miller makes her presence known on the funky “Electric Grace”.

Praise, Worship, and Hip Hop is the scratch to the musical itch that many are looking for. With unpredictable chord patterns and expert musicianship fused with authentic hip-hop, this project is one for the ages that continues to add to the foundation of the movement known as Dream Music.

Release Date: Nov. 4, 2014
YPJ & Flesh Versus Christ: Praise, Worship, & Hip Hop
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