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Swoope-Sinema album

One of the most influential voices in urban music within the last five years is hip-hop artist Swoope. The first signee to Collision Records is by no means a stranger to our industry with two solo projects to his credit. As part of the collectives High Society and W.L.A.K., he made an impressive imprint on the urban scene gaining an incredible fan base that continues to grow. This has all laid the groundwork for his junior project, a twelve-track release titled Sinema that is guaranteed to be deemed an instant classic.

Swoope 1Over the course of 54 minutes, Swoope and his team take perhaps the most creative and contemporary approach in recent memory to present and address an age old problem. Created as an audio movie, Swoope tells the age-old story of humanity’s battle with lust and sin. However, instead of using overt Biblical characters and references, he uses himself as the main character and identifies lust as a girl named Mya. The project chronicles a budding and curious connection between Swoope and Mya that begins as most relationships do, innocent and exciting.  As time progresses, Swoope realizes that the connection is ultimately unhealthy and looks to break away and create space. However, the challenge comes as Swoope is trying to place this distance between he and Mya. Her missing him turns into something far last attractive as she ultimately wants to inform him of what their relationship has created.

This story is masterfully introduced in the album’s title track and chronicles the attraction to Mya in great singles such as “On My Mind” (featuring J.R.) and the challenge of breaking apart with “Beauty and the Beast”. The intoxicating nature of this dangerous and potentially fatal attraction is skillfully shared on tracks like “LSD”, the project’s lead single which features labelmate Christon Gray.

During the project, Swoope takes the time to remind listeners that there is no real competition between he and his fellow co-laborers with an apposite and honest single titled “SameTeam”. The candid, in-your-face single shares the message that all ministers of the gospel have the same ultimate goal, which is to win the lost into the Kingdom of God. He collaborates with Dre Murray, Tedashii, Yaves Ellis, JGivens, and John Givez to beautifully illustrate this.

SwoopeThe project doesn’t merely present the issue without giving its cure and solution. “Fix My Heart”, the album’s final track, shares man’s desire to have his heart issues addressed to avoid returning to dangerous relationships and connections found in Mya. He teams with Denise Powell and Propaganda to present this heartfelt and powerful track which is guaranteed to resonate with every listener.

The way that this project presents this incredible battle makes it palpable and digestible for any listen. This brilliant approach is designed to address this challenge to a mainstream audience who can all relate to the challenge of a relationship that has gone wrong. Sonically, this project is fantastic. Swoope’s delivery is second to none. Conceptually, this project is the blueprint as to how to take a challenging life issue and present in a way that ANYONE can understand.

Needless to say, Sinema is hands down Swoope’s best work and one of the year’s best projects. This needs to be in your collection as it will unquestionably help you deal with any lasting and nagging issue and lead you to freedom.

Release Date: Aug. 5, 2014
Swoope: Sinema
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