Memory Lane

Happy Thanksgiving Family!! I hope everyone has had an amazing holiday. I’ve not lost the blogging bug. Things have been QUITE busy preparing for our huge Anniversary Party in January. I really hope to see you guys there. I absolutely love opportunities to meet the family in person. In this season of gratitude, I’m SO thankful for all of you who read the blog, listen to the show, and respond on Twitter and Facebook. You encourage me far more than you know. Thank you DEARLY!!

So today was a very interesting day. We had the opportunity to help a friend get situated in their new place, which is ALWAYS fun. There’s nothing like moving. As you guys know, packing is NEVER a favorite of mine, but there’s NOTHING as refreshing as the opportunity for a new beginning. So, as I’m on my way to my friend’s house, I noticed that the house was in my old neighborhood. This was the neighborhood where I spent the last seven years. I purposely hadn’t gone back into that area just because it was the past.

At any rate, we were back and it brought back memories of walks, exercising, and just life in general. So, after helping my friend get situated, I decided to finally take a drive by the old house. I was curious. Did someone move into the new place? I mean, surely, it’s occupied. I’ve been gone for nearly six months. Well, to my surprise, I rode by the house and found it unoccupied. Not only was it unoccupied, but it had a sign that said “No Trespassing” and you could literally see through the house. There was nothing in it and it just did not look like the place I called home for seven years.

Then it hit me. The truth of it is that you were never meant to return to your past. We spend so much time wishing we could relive the past. However, the present-day you can not fit into your past situations. It’s funny. The past places and relationships look empty and lackluster because you are not in them. You weren’t meant to ever go back but to progress forward. Sometimes the memories of what was hold us captive. The challenge of today and uncertainty of tomorrow can make the experience of yesterday appear blissful. While there may have been great moments in yesterday, it did not come without its challenges. Yes, there were great days in my old house but there were also a lot of memories there that I do NOT want to re-live. Hence the irony of the “No Trespassing” sign. I believe it’s God’s way of saying that you have no more access to your past….and that your past has no more access to you.

Learn that walks down memory lane are good to learn from but it’s a street we should rarely travel. Memory Lane is always in the opposite direction of your destiny. In this year, some of us have lost some things that we didn’t want to part with. There’s great temptation to return to those places and things because they represent a comfortable place. Well, you can’t miss the “No Trespassing” sign that sits there. The past is an empty place because it lacks your presence. Life exists in your present and in your future. The past is to be learned from, not lived in.

The time has come to create new memories. The present and future may seem uncomfortable and uncertain. However, life exists in that uncomfortable and uncertain place. Walk with courage. Fight fear. Life exists where you ARE not where you WERE, so live and avoid living on Memory Lane.

Much love family!!

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