Jazz Vocalist Robert E. Person Ready To Make A Wish

Multiple award-winning Gospel and Jazz vocalist Robert E. Person continues to make a musical and cultural impact with the announcement of his upcoming single titled “Make A Wish”.

“It’s my desire (and responsibility) to use my platform as a recording artist to offer inspiration especially in these times of uncertainty,” says the Washington, DC native. “I also want to encourage everyone to be hopeful. Choose your thoughts, say a prayer and dare to dream!”

Person is encouraging everyone to “close your eyes, make a wish, one that lives in your heart. Something big, something small, that’s been there from the start.” That is his proclamation and some of the lyrics from his new single “Make A Wish”.
His vocally enchanting and musically dreamy “Make A Wish” single is written by native Washington, DC prolific composer, and acclaimed Jazz pianist Reuben Brown.

Fans can pre-order the single now on iTunes and Amazon Music.

“Make A Wish” is more than just a new song for Person. He has submerged himself into a full campaign to inspire dreams and dreamers. Each Wednesday, Person offers an encouraging word through his new “Make A Wish Wednesdays” Video Blog on YouTube.

So, close your eyes, make a wish and let it go with a tide. It may float out to nowhere or return to your side. If it comes back, then the wish you wished is yours!

“Make A Wish” will release via IndieBlu Music digital distribution on June 5.

Robert E. Person: Make A Wish (single)
Purchase / Stream Here: | iTunes | amazon |


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