Identity Check

Hey everyone!! Hope you all are well. I won’t even begin to date myself and determine the last time I’ve ventured to blog. I will say that I’m SO encouraged that so many have asked me to return to blogging. I had no idea you all were REALLY paying attention. It’s humbling, to say the least. Thanks a million.

Recently on Twitter, I alluded to the fact that there are a ton of thoughts swirling in my head and heart. Let’s just see what comes out, shall we?

Life is SO intriguing. There are always lessons that we are learning. An often lost art in our world is the application of self-awareness. It’s amazing to see just how many of us have no clue who we are in this present moment. Certainly, we can tell you who we used to be. We can tell you who we want to be. But who are you right now? Can you accurately answer that question?

While in the corporate world, we would often take a personality test called the Myers Briggs Test. This assessment was designed to let us know the personality type for our co-workers as well as for ourselves. I remember the first time I took that test. I was a rep at a call center. I was single with no kids. The test gave me a specific result, with which I happened to agree. I would take that same test at the same company four years later. At that point, I was in senior management, had been married and was now a parent. That test birthed a MUCH different result than the same test four years ago. Needless to say, I was somewhat surprised because I felt as though I was the same person. Well what was different? The test hadn’t changed. Life had changed which ultimately changed my personality. It wasn’t necessarily a bad change. Instead, it was a change that reflected new responsibilities, successes, challenges, and everything in between. The surprise factor for me was that I didn’t realize that I had changed.

Fast forward to my life today. Once again, I’m single. Several business and life alterations have happened since the first time I took that wonderful personality test. It’s probably safe to say that I’m not the same person I was when I was last single. So, with that understanding, it is important to recognize exactly what HAS changed before really delving into the next season of my life. I’ve realized some new truths about me. Availability has changed. Time management is different. Life is just different. I would make a major error if I attempted to jump into the dating world of 2012 with the same mentality I had before marriage happened in 2000 or even post divorce in 2008.

Why is this relevant? Candidly speaking, many of us want to move into the next chapter of our lives without assessing who we are today. Those who are single want to date and be married. Many want to own their own businesses or live their dreams. However, do you know who you are and is the person that you are TODAY equipped to handle what you want tomorrow? I submit that you are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be for this time in history. Your conditions or situation may not be ideal but it is the right place for you today. The best thing for you to do is genuinely discover who you are. Don’t define yourself but your position, possessions, or status. Discover what makes you tick. Learn to love the you that you are today. You can never improve you until you know who you are. You’ll also never be ready for what’s next until you master where you are right now. Don’t squander today’s gift in search of tomorrow’s promise. Who you are today is better equipped to handle today than you were yesterday but isn’t ready to handle tomorrow yet. Learn who you are today. Then you will know that you were made for THIS moment. Let THIS moment develop and empower you for tomorrow. It will all make sense when you discover the PRESENT you.

You are worth the time for self-investment and self-discovery. After all, if you don’t invest in you, who else should?

One love.

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