The Future of Greenleaf’s Uncle Mac

There was a collective gasp heard around the world Tuesday night as audiences witnessed the death of Robert “Mac” McCready – a villainous character played by double Emmy Award-winner, GregAlan Williams, on the Oprah Winfrey Network’s most controversial hit drama series, Greenleaf.

Ironically, despite the evil of Mac’s character, Greenleaf fans have maintained a LOVE/HATE relationship with him since the start of the series, which is why in the moment of his demise, fans found themselves confused in emotion. On one hand, they were glad that “justice” was served to such a despicable predator, and on the other hand, a tinge of sadness crept in because the beloved Uncle Mac was actually gone.

“There had to be a stunning ending because there is no way you could let the predator continue to thrive,” shares Oprah Winfrey, who serves as an executive producer of the series and co-stars as Mac’s sister, Mavis McCready. Yesterday, she released a video addressing the challenges of presenting a character like Mac. “None of us, as producers, and even as writers, wanted to take him out because we love Greg so much,” she continues, “but loving Greg and not loving Mac, we had to do what was best for the story.”

In the video, GregAlan shares, “When we started the show, part of my concern was how those who had been victims of abuse would respond to the character. I mean, the audience, universally hates Mac, and that was affirmation for me because it meant that I was doing my job.” He tearfully continues, “This ride has been weighty, burdensome. As I felt the weight of this guy lifting off me, I wept. I hadn’t realized how heavy this weight was.”

GregAlan Williams recently spent some time on The Morning Show with Gerard Bonner to talk about the future of the “Uncle Mac” character on Greenleaf, his new audiobook titled Heart of a Woman, and his upcoming movie titled “A Question of Faith” which features Kim Fields, T.C. Stallings, and award winning singer Jaci Velasquez.

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