The Faction–Episode 118 (May 23)

On today’s episode of The Faction, we talk about the new deal between FOX and Smackdown Live. What does this mean for Smackdown as we know it?! We talk details. Plus, Enzo Amore has been cleared of all charges. What’s next for the trash talking superstar?! We introduce a NEW segment simply titled The Real WCW!! Find out what our crew cites as WCW’s BIGGEST accomplish to the modern era of pro wrestling. Don’t miss this and more along with a special CAMEO appearance from one of the wives of our hosts!! Join Faction brothers Courtney Beard, Brandon Clack, and Gerard Bonner for another can’t miss show. Share your thoughts via social media using the hashtag #TheFactionShow. Rate, download, and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and GooglePlay.

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