Empire State of Mind

Hey guys! Hope everyone is well! LOTS to talk about and today, I wanted to share with you my notes and thoughts from this weekend’s Genius For Men Conference in Washington, DC. This was my acceptance speech for the award. Hope you enjoy it.

Empire State of Mind

As I think of the empire state of mind, I’m reminded, of course, of New York City where it’s said, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”

That is indicative of the mindset we need to fully be successful. If you can make it here, where you are, you can make it anywhere. If you can overcome the current state of the economy, you can make it anywhere. If you can overcome the naysayers here, you can make it anywhere. If you can overcome your own fears and insecurities, you can make it anywhere.

Within you lies the entrepreneurial spirit to change the world. In you lies the opportunity to change the world and the way we see the world. Perhaps you can change the transportation world like our honoree Darnell Lee…..or impact a nation by making a stand for justice like Congressman Lewis.

Whether its impacting media like Edgar Brookins or imprinting the financial infrastructure like Michael Grant, you can make it right where you are.

Perhaps you have the next great song in you like Nolan Williams or the business acumen of Alfred Edmond Jr. Whatever your field of expertise, learn to be driven by an insatiable desire to see our world different.

Fuse passion and discipline to live your dream. Learn that there is no wasted motion. Every experience is a teaching moment where you can and will learn necessary steps to take you where you desire to be.

Be driven and motivated and let nothing stop you. Sometimes the most disappointing circumstances are the setup to your greatest success! Had my job not been phased out three years ago, we may not be here today. Had another radio entity not had the desire to dissolve our partnership, we wouldn’t be here today.

Learn to value and not despise small beginnings. Every great invention begins with a dream. You may not have everything  you need today but remember, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. how you begin makes where you end up valuable and significant.

We started as a 2 hr show twice a week. On day one, i just wanted to make it through the first show. Now we are a 24 hr station with 5 shows, an international partnership, a few awards, and worldwide reach.  You may not see the end result today but tomorrow’s butterfly never resembles today’s caterpillar.

Thanks to Alisha Jones and the entire Insight Initiative staff for this amazing honor. To my team who is the greatest team I’ve had the pleasure of working with (Yanny, Tre, Traci, Shari, Corey, Zach, Juanita)

To the greatest listening audience in all of radio, the BRC.

To my family, my Wave Church family, and industry friends, thanks for everything.

To my Princess, let this be the start of a legacy that you can be proud of.

And to God the Father, whose plan transcends time and space. Thanks for trusting me with this gift.

Remember, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. THAT is the Empire State of Mind.

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