Earnest Pugh Launches New Label

Times have more than changed the landscape of the music industry, giving more power to the consumer. #1 recording artist Earnest Pugh has decided to capitalize on that power by launching a new label, EPM Music Group, and signing gospel favorites, Chrystal Rucker, James Roberson, and Keith Williams.

Chrystal Rucker

Recently announcing their new signees, EPM Music Group is off to a running start. Chrystal Rucker’s CD is scheduled for a June 26, 2012 release with the rousing ballad, “You Deserve,” being placed in rotation in April. “I have been watching Chrystal Rucker’s ministry evolve over the years and have said to her on numerous occasions; when the day comes that I have my own label she would have a spot,” says Pugh. “The day has come and Chrystal has her spot. It’s not only her time but it’s her turn. I am not only a friend, but a fan of Minister Rucker.” EPM General Manager Scott Cameron adds, “One of the biggest joys of working in music is bringing a deserving artist to new heights. I can honestly say that there is a bubbling excitement about EPM’s first artist release, Crystal Rucker. We are mounting a strong marketing and retail campaign to take advantage of that excitement.”

James Roberson, a UCLA music professor and artist responsible for the 2009 release entitled “Everybody Dance” is no stranger to success. He watched his project debut at #2 on Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums. Working behind the scenes with traditional artists such as Beverly Crawford and Norman Hutchins provides a great foundation upon which to build his own brand. His project is scheduled to be released July 13, 2012.

Keith Williams

Last, but certainly not least, is EPM President, Keith Williams. As a classically trained pianist and vocalist, he has an ear that is often quietly celebrated in this genre. He’s spent the last two decades as a worship leader many prestigious churches including Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s church home. It’ s been said that Williams’ style is a hybrid of the legendary Douglas Miller’s nearly operatic baritone and John Stoddard’s polished notes. Over the years, Williams has penned numerous songs for Jennifer Holliday, Dottie Peoples, Vanessa Bell Armstrong and Earnest Pugh.

With their hand obviously on the ever-changing pulse of the consumer, EPM Music Group seems to have great insight as to what is needed in gospel music today, and they plan to take the world by storm with the acquisition of such influential voices. We are looking forward to great things from this label.


Written by: Alex McQueeen



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