Courtney Beard

Show: The Faction

Courtney Beard is a husband, father, pastor, singer/songwriter, actor, and Wrestling Enthusiast. At an early age hew knew 2 things had his heart and attention….. Wrestling and music. He quickly learned that his wrestling career wouldn’t pan out when he joined his brother in the local amateur wrestling scene. He came looking for the squared circle and they simply had a circle with no ropes. Throughout this time he was developing musically and understanding exactly what God wanted to do in his life. Courtney later briefly attended Berklee College of Music. This positioned him to travel the globe as a singer and actor in many national stage plays. Around this time in 2000 he met the beautiful love if his life Quinetta. Together they’ve been in ministry for well over 12 years.

Though from Hampton, VA, they recently moved to San Antonio, TX to lead Freedom Life Church San Antonio. Courtney has been on staff at FLC (Freedom Life Church) for 5 years. While Courtney loves to inspire people, he and Quinetta have used their life and experiences as a canvas to mentor, pastor, and teach. Just a few minutes around them and you’ll easily be inspired yet laughing with joy. Together they are on a world tour to share Christ with the globe and inspire a generation.

As an worship leader/artist, Courtney has been a constant fixture and facilitator at Israel Houghton‘s One Church Worship Academy. He’s shared the stage with many current art and legends such as Charlie Wilson, Jennifer Holiday, and Philip Michael Thomas to name a few. His single “Jesus Is” debuted in the Top 40 on iTunes upon its release.

  • Favorite wrestler: Ric Flair/Dusty Rhodes (tie)
  • Favorite wrestling era: NWA/WCW 90’s
  • Favorite tag team: Road Warriors
  • Favorite finisher: DDT
  • When you first fell in love with wrestling: early 80’s my brother would take me to the Hampton Coliseum to watch Mid-Atlantic wrestling