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This week, we continue the Bonnerfide Radio Lunch Series (#BRLS) on Twitter. It’s the start of a lunch series by our founder & president, industry veteran Gerard Bonner. The design of the series is to empower new, aspiring, and independent artists to find success in the music industry.

In case you missed this week’s series, here’s a recap. Be sure to follow Bonner (@bonnerfide) on Twitter and follow us there as well (@BonnerfideRadio).

This week, let’s continue dealing with Indie Artist Must Haves. This week’s topic: TEAM. Ready?! Here we go! #BRLS

TEAM: It is IMPERATIVE that you have a Team to be successful in the music industry. No man is an island. That is ESPECIALLY true here. #BRLS

TEAM: Before you form a team, there are some vital things you need to have in place to ensure that your team will be successful. #BRLS

The Bonnerfide Radio Executive Team

TEAM: 1. Have a vision for your career. 2. Know your vision. 3. Be able to clearly & succinctly articulate that vision. #BRLS

TEAM: Without a vision, not only will you perish, but your career and your team will as well. Take time to focus on what you want. #BRLS

TEAM: Don’t attempt to pursue a career in this business without a CLEAR vision of what you want to accomplish. #BRLS

TEAM: Be committed to your vision. If you don’t know where you’re going, no one else will. #BRLS

TEAM: Now, let’s talk about what you need on your team. I hope this is helping so far. #BRLS

TEAM: Many often ask whether or not they need a manager. Here’s a litmus test. You don’t need a manager if you have nothing to manage. #BRLS

TEAM: If you are just starting out and don’t even have a single or product, you probably don’t need a manager. #BRLS

TEAM: If your vision is small enough for you to contain, then you don’t need a manager. #BRLS

Mitchell Solarek, President of Maximum Artist Group: Manager of Mary Mary, Donald Lawrence, and more

TEAM: However, if you are unable to successfully manage the moving parts of your career, get help. Get a manager! #BRLS

TEAM: A manager’s job is to be a good steward over your career and point your
career in the direction that you desire it to go. #BRLS

TEAM: If you’re going to have a manager, your manager needs to be the person who
will help point everything in the right direction. #BRLS

TEAM: This is why you MUST have the right person acting as your manager. They need to be well connected. #BRLS

TEAM: Your manager should be able to get you access to places and events that you alone can’t get access to. They should grow you. #BRLS

TEAM: Time out for employing your neighbor, distant cousin, or best friend to be on your team when they lack qualifications. #BRLS

TEAM: Treat your career like a corporate job because, in essence, you are building a corporation. Treat your career with care. #BRLS

TEAM: For example, if you desire to be on a major awards show, work with people that can get you there. #BRLS

Kelvin Leach, CEO of Lox Entertainment: Manager of Tye Tribbett, JJ Hairston, Richard Smallwood & more

TEAM: Make sure your manager is personable, articulate, and friendly. They must balance relationship with business well. #BRLS

TEAM: Remember, your manager represents YOU, so choose wisely. #BRLS

Any questions so far regarding the idea of a TEAM? #BRLS

@uycj: @bonnerfide #BRLS do aspiring writers need a team?

@bonnerfide: @uycj I think it depends on the scope of your vision. I certainly think it’s good to have sounding boards for what you . And depending upon the growth of your career, you definitely could need a team. Teams help you grow exponentially. #BRLS

@va2wakersey: @bonnerfide should ones professional career field be a major consideration over connections for an up & coming indie? Legal, PR, Media…

@bonnerfide: @va2wakersey GREAT question. I think experience is the key. In any industry, experience and results win the game. Connections in our industry are as important as one’s professional career. So much of it depends on the vision. You may not be able to afford the most experienced person yet, but a hungry person in that field can help you. The right person with the right attitude can often go a LOT further than all of the right qualifications on paper. #BRLS

Let’s continue talking about TEAM. #BRLS

Kymberlee Norsworthy, PR for RCA Inspiration

TEAM: Remember, EVERY member of your team represents you and your brand. Make sure that they accurately represent you. #BRLS

TEAM: Make sure you deal well with people. As the leader of your team, you have to care about them MORE than they care about you. #BRLS

TEAM: Now, let’s move to the next member of your team. PR!! #BRLS

TEAM: Your Public Relations representative is INTEGRAL to the public face of your career. This is a VITAL part of your team. #BRLS

TEAM: Your PR rep will tell your story to the masses. So you definitely want a qualified person in this position. #BRLS

TEAM: Your PR rep will provide you with media training. Hear me good. EVERY artist needs media training!! #BRLS

TEAM: Let your PR person do their job. Let them prep you for media interviews and the like. They will save you a WORLD of heartache. #BRLS

TEAM: Make sure your PR rep is qualified. Meaning this. Just because a person can write or has a blog site doesn’t mean they do PR. #BRLS

TEAM: Do your research when it comes to PR. Find out who your desired rep works with and where they are able to get media placement. #BRLS

Jojo Pada, CEO of Ignition PR; Clients include Mary Mary, James Fortune and more

@ignitionPR: @bonnerfide Conversely if your budget can accommodate said PR Person. You and your budget may not be ready for a publicist just yet.

@ignitionPR: RT @bonnerfide: #BRLS >> I find that to be a huge issue. Ppl do the research but then have no concept of how much / what monthly retainers r

TEAM: Make sure the person you are considering for PR actually deals with press and does PR for real. No Catfish PR reps. #BRLS

TEAM: For the record, managers and PR do not come cheap. Make sure you are ready to invest in your future when you bring them on. #BRLS

TEAM: Make sure you HAVE a story to tell before bringing PR into your world. #BRLS

@ignitionPR: @bonnerfide OR be able to tell me what sets u apart from the rest of the industry. If you don’t know I won’t know and I can’t tell Ur story

TEAM: Please be sure you HAVE a story that’s worth telling. “Changing the game” or “the next big thing” is NOT a story. #BRLS

TEAM: Let me reiterate. If you bring on a PR rep, listen to them. Don’t be a bull in a china shop and expect them to clean it up. #BRLS

@ignitionPR: @bonnerfide My fav thing to ask a potential client – What are your goals / expectations for PR. If they don’t have a real answer, I say NO #BRLS

Shari Anderson, CEO of The Rising Star PR; Clients Bonnerfide Radio, The Playmakers and more.

Okay guys. Let’s open up the last 15 minutes for questions. Fire away. #BRLS

@va2wakersey: @bonnerfide indie artists responding to and/or commenting on trending industry topics w/o pause…Harmful?

@bonnerfide: @va2wakersey VERY harmful!! And that goes for any artist. Always be mindful of commentary on social networks. Some things are better left unsaid. And, people should consider the future. Today’s post can cost them dearly tomorrow. No need to lose a permanent opportunity for a temporal bit of humor or a soapbox opportunity.

@ShaKara_MoNique: @bonnerfide This is great advice but what about new indie artist who honestly can’t afford a TEAM? How can we put r best foot 4ward? #BRLS

@bonnerfide: @ShaKara_MoNique I’d first say assess your needs. All of the things we are mentioning today may not be immediate needs for you. Look at where you are and what your resources are. Do what you can right now until you can move forward. Do your research. See what you can afford and who can meet that. And if not, see who believes in your vision. You may want to also seek out interns for the time being. Depending upon the need, you can grow and groom them. #BRLS

@va2wakersey: @bonnerfide media training v. spiritually led/motivated thinking in our industry. How can indie artists find balance w/o compromise?

@bonnerfide: @va2wakersey Another great question. First things first. If you’re a believer, get planted in a life giving local church. AND cultivate your relationship w/God. There is practical wisdom that comes from both that media training will enhance. Media training will teach you wisdom in telling your story. Every detail isn’t good for every outlet. #BRLS

@tdymples: @bonnerfide Should an artist reach out to get feedback regarding how their team handles their business? #BRLS

@bonnerfide: @tdymples I definitely think that’s a smart idea. Smart business people NEVER just take someone’s word. They always follow up. An artist would do well to get feedback on how their team represents them. That will help them stay connected. #BRLS

Join us next Thursday right here at 1:30p ET as we continue #BRLS. You guys are FANTASTIC! Thanks so much for your support.

Remember, Gerard Bonner would love to answer additional questions for you and assist in furthering your career. He is available for consultation sessions. To schedule an appointment, contact Traci Buckner (traci@getbonnerfide.com).

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