#BRLS Transcript: IMAGE

Today marked the introduction of the Bonnerfide Radio Lunch Series (#BRLS) on Twitter. It’s the start of a lunch series by our founder & president, industry veteran Gerard Bonner. The design of the series is to empower new, aspiring, and independent artists to find success in the music industry.

In case you missed this week’s series, here’s a recap. Be sure to follow Bonner (@bonnerfide) on Twitter and follow us there as well (@BonnerfideRadio).

Let’s get things started. Today’s Topic: Indie Artist Must Haves. The first element for discussion is IMAGE. #BRLS

Gospel music Icon Kirk Franklin


IMAGE: Your physical presentation is incredibly important. It will often determine the first impression to your audience. #BRLS

IMAGE: You should be neat and groomed whenever making an appearance. Ensure that your attire properly fits. #BRLS

IMAGE: Be sure that your image is consistent with your brand. Your look should mirror your style of music. #BRLS

IMAGE: Your look should also be consistent with the image you want to present. #BRLS

IMAGE: Know the image that you want to create. i.e, a popular young quartet group might wear jeans & sneakers to highlight their age. #BRLS

IMAGE: Just ensure that whatever your image is, make sure its consistent and that it’s an accurate representation of who you are. #BRLS

IMAGE: Research and consider what is appropriate for your audience. If its a formal affair, dress appropriately. #BRLS

IMAGE: Don’t sacrifice your potential audience in the name of being different. A small image change today could expand your audience. #BRLS

IMAGE: You don’t have to look like everyone else. Just put time & effort into the look you present. Remember, cameras are everywhere! #BRLS

Erica Campbell, of Mary Mary, on the GRAMMY Red Carpet

Let’s continue with IMAGE. We’ve talked about your physical presentation. Now, let’s talk about your brand. #BRLS

IMAGE: The image of your brand is JUST as important as your physical presentation. In this information age, your brand is pivotal. #BRLS

IMAGE: Take time and be intentional about the presentation of your brand. Graphic design, marketing, and PR are key. #BRLS

We’ve got a few questions. Let’s share them and then we’ll return with more IMAGE tips. #BRLS

@bonnerfide if your older than the generation your trying to reach should you dress like them?

@ShaKara_MoNique I wouldn’t suggest dressing like them, but I would suggest seeing what attire would be appropriate for the setting. For instance, if the attire is relaxed, don’t wear a formal outfit. Your audience won’t connect with you. At the same time, don’t try to be “trendy”, if it’s not authentic. Authenticity resonates in ALL areas.  #BRLS

@bonnerfide any case studies?? Great info 🙂

Quartet favorites, The Soul Seekers

@staceyjoseph I think a GREAT example of this are The Soul Seekers. They are much younger than most who sing quartet music. Their initial attire was jersey & sneakers. As their settings changed, so did their attire. But they were still quartet.  #BRLS

Now then. Let’s resume our IMAGE conversation around branding. #BRLS

IMAGE: Employ the likes of a graphic designer to handle your brand logo, promo materials, and your album cover. Image is KEY!! #BRLS

IMAGE: Remember, before most Program Directors at radio ever hear your track, they SEE your image. Put time & effort into it. #BRLS

IMAGE: Many singles and albums have not been heard because of poor album artwork and poor branding. Hire a graphic designer. #BRLS

Marica Chisolm: Simply Worship (album cover)

IMAGE: Your album artwork is a strong indicator of just how seriously you take your craft. If it sounds good, it should look good. #BRLS

IMAGE: Your social media image MATTERS! You are your best or worst advertisement. Post with wisdom. #BRLS

IMAGE: Ensure that your social media image is consistent with all aspects of your image. Your profile pics should be consistent. #BRLS

IMAGE: Your social media image reflects your character. Be careful the type of information that you share. #BRLS

IMAGE: Remember, your followers are also your consumers. Insulting them could cost you spins and sales. #BRLS

@hartramsey: @bonnerfide I’ve actually NOT invited artists to my church because of the way they ‘carry on’ on social media.” #BRLS

IMAGE: Pick your battles in the world of social media. Every post doesn’t deserve or require a response. #BRLS

GRAMMY Award Winner, Lecrae

IMAGE: Remember, social media is ALSO a news source. Your posts matter. Don’t tarnish your image for a cheap laugh or venting session. #BRLS

IMAGE: Respect your followers opinion. Everyone may not like your music or artistry but they ALL deserve your respect. #BRLS

IMAGE: All transparency isn’t good. Social media can be a peek into your world but don’t leave the window WIDE open! Use discretion. #BRLS

IMAGE: Use social media to build and enhance your profile, not to destroy it. It’s a tool. You determine its effectiveness. #BRLS

IMAGE: Everyone may not like your music. If you treat them with respect though, they may give it a second listen. Be gracious. #BRLS

Okay. That was a lot of info on IMAGE. Let’s open the last 15 minutes up for questions. Ready?! Let’s go!! #BRLS

@bonnerfide what should we post? Examples please 🙂

@ShaKara_MoNique For one, your posts should be both positive and balanced. They should show a balanced picture of who you are. Here’s a great rule. If you wouldn’t say it in front of a room filled with your followers, don’t post it. #BRLS

@bonnerfide question, how does 1 “indie” gain radio play/spins, with a limited budget 4 a true radio campaign?” #BRLS

Indie sensation Jade Novah

@jmellc Great question. First, do your research. Find out which radio stations have a format that mirror your style of music. Your music may or may not be a fit for every radio station. Second, decide which stations you need to pursue. Truth be told, it’s easier as an indie to get radio play first on Internet Radio vs. Terrestrial Radio. Thirdly, develop a relationship w/ program directors at these stations. Often times, spins at Internet Radio will build buzz. That buzz, over time, will get the attention of terrestrial radio and can be an entry point for you. #BRLS

@bonnerfide whats the balance you would recommend for regular posts & promo 4 work? Ive heard 86% regular 14% promo.” #BRLS

@KevOnStage 86/14 is a good balance. Consider this. In social media, people want to know YOU. Then they will support your work. People tend to ignore those who primarily promote. In social media, people are looking to both connect and be informed.  #BRLS

@bonnerfide also why it is hard for an indie to make it, if they are not coming in without a major co-sign #BRLS

@jmellc Well, “making it” is relative. I will say this. A LOT of it has to do with information and exposure. Nothing just happens. #BRLS

We will continue #BRLS next Thursday at 1:30p ET. We will talk more about Indie Artist Must Haves.

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